Quest Window
Hotkey [ T or t ]
Action Toggles the quest window on/off

  • You can also bring up this window by clicking on the 2nd tab of the status window.
  • Shows the progress of the selected quest.
  • Indicates the next location you need to go.
  • Brings up the detailed quest description window.
  • Shows the final goal of the quest.
  • Shows the current goal of the quest.
  • Shows the reward of the quest.

Quest Map

Indicates the location where the next event of the quest occurs.

Indicates your current postion.

Completed Quest

Click on the 3rd tab of Status Window.

Shows the quests you have completed.
88 RAYITA 552006
86 Nightingale 482634
90 Hurricane 455332
90 -PaiN- 447300
90 LeeSsang 424880
87 sub-k 373979
90 Sajang 367690
90 Naya-A-ayaN 343423
86 lnvoker 335296
88 JuSaKi_RN 327730