Main Rules of the Game
 2020-01-17 10:05:25   [GM]Matte

[General Rule] 

* Any attempted account that tries to trade gold in cash will be temporarily banned or permanently banned.

We will focus and check the following communities.

* Do not push personal stall.

* Do not push other users from the protected area to kill it.

* Do not use auto click to farm.

* Do not use any other program to get the advantage. 

[War Rule]

* We will ban the user permanently when the user is detected from using bot in the war. First person who reports with prof will be rewarded a minimum 500M gold. (up to 1B if bot owner is opponent high level user)

* If the user frequently log out after get killed from the battle to ruin ratio of battle will be warned and permanent ban after warning (Will be rewarded 100M gold for report).

* The non-participate user at war will be warned at first time and will be banned permanently after warning (Will be rewarded 100M gold for report). Users enter war at last 5 minutes will not apply.  

-The reward will be given to the first user who reports. 

-All the related accounts will be banned.

Thank you 

Best Regard/ ROW Team