Character Level Ups
  • You grow more powerful as your stats increase though level-ups in Return of Warrior.
  • You can earn experience required for level-ups by fighting monsters or/and completing quests.
  • You must earn required experience points for each level in order to level-up and gain certain stats.
  • You can track your progress to the next level with the white experience bar.
  • Press [U] to see more information such as your earned experience points and required experience points for the next level-up.

  • Stat Points
    • Each character automatically gains certain primary stat points at each level-up based on the class. Each class has two primary stats.
    • Each character receives 2 additional bonus points along with the primary stats increase at each level.
    • Two stat points are required to increase a primary stat while one stat point for a non-primary stat.
    • Note: Ak'Kans do not receive any additional bonus points until they change their initial class to the specialized class.
    82 mulbaimma 238848
    85 ChoE 229703
    90 RAYITA 218141
    91 Excel 190733
    89 JuSaKi_RN 189403
    90 Marten 187561
    87 RubySphere 179561
    90 Masterpiece 178742
    93 KingKongs 167021
    91 -Fantastic_ 166990