Q: Net.Framework 3.5
 2021-02-02 09:00:00   [GM]Matte
Q: Net.Framework 3.5


Thank you for supporting ROW.

This is a tip to support a user who has a problem with Net. Framework 3.5.

If you have a problem with the Net. Framework 3.5.

Please follow as below:

1. Open the 'Control Panel' and click the program feature, and

Click the 'Windows features on/off' and activate the Net. Framework 3.5 .

2. If your PC can not activate the Net. Framework, please download a file from the 

to continue to process. 

If you still have a problem after downloading from the link above.

Please, contact GM Matt or master@rowplayon.com for additional support. 

Thank you

Best Regard/ ROW Team