Your discord invitation has something wrong!!
 2020-02-06 19:59:26   RubySpear

If you click it, you meet discord downloade error.

no another choice to solve this, format your computer only!

check this!  I format my computer  today.

I CLAIM MY CHARACTER JudasPriest can receive happy holidays event daily. don't tell come your discord & consult this.

why? your discord invitation has some troubles. check this!!!

  [GM]Matte2020-02-07 09:04:58
We wanted help your problem, and GM is online on discord for direct help and no one is having trouble with discord invitation. We are not sending invitation it from discord.
Thank you and its good to hear than ur character can receive quest.
  [GM]Matte2020-02-07 09:41:50
We have checked our invitation for Discord and it works fine.