I can't receive happy holidays event quest yet!
 2020-02-04 09:31:11   RubySpear

Is it only my charactor's problem? (my charactor : Judaspreist)

quckily repair please.

  [GM]Matte2020-02-05 11:05:37
24h past? after you completed sir?
  [GM]Matte2020-02-05 13:36:16
Admin is checking the problem. Not sure if its ur account or character.
We will find and solve asap
  [GM]Matte2020-02-05 14:51:30
@ RubySpear This is an unusual case, please contact GM Matt on Discord to fix the problem.
  RubySpear2020-02-06 13:47:49
error occur during downloade your discord invitation. so, now my discord can't use. reboot my com is only way to use discord again.
so, you fix my problem( happy holidays daily event ) your own reponsibility.
I'll thanks to you
  [GM]Matte2020-02-07 09:06:09
You need to be online that is why we ask you to send direct msg through discord to set time.
  RubySpear2020-02-08 15:06:48
It's not only my problem. some character have same problem.
naya? hulk etc
many korean think it is difficult to conversation in english. so do I.
It is stress for me to write message here.
just check many character have this problem. and repair.