2023-07-18 02:18:15   hail98

hi all~
I just want to state an issue with the banning phase by admins.
The majority of people got banned because they bought fusers with or without knowing that they were bug items. No offense to the innocent players who got banned, but to the playerswho actually bought and spent on bug fusers and cried later, you already know the consequences. Why can't you guys play fair? Kudos to those who spent time playing fair and supported the game.

It's been good that the admins have been taking action, but if you are innocent and just got banned, try reaching out to the admins, hoping that it will turn out great.

  rudddd2023-07-18 02:24:40
1 person say from his return is to make balance to war and for both races KR and MK. Is this the what he means for making the balance? ban all good legit player that never buy or using any bug item by banning them from playing?? Now MK will have more than KR n war. Should every MK get ban too? Just for balance the war??
I really mean for all those legit player.
  raihaanun212023-07-18 02:34:16
Are u Music??? or u are GM?? i believe GM have been sick and crazy !!!
  Bjornnss2023-07-18 02:53:17
no use crying now
buy bug iten = ban
good GM
  hail982023-07-18 03:06:28
No, Raihaaanun21, I'm not any of those people you mention. I'm just an average player who plays fairly.
  asddd1112023-07-18 04:47:18
show us where the bug items? or u contact gm show us?

even court need evidence, u only need your keyboard? keyboard hero?
  FairPlay2023-07-18 13:23:14
I also 1 of the victim of account banned. Due to having trade record with bug user. (Gold bug or fuser bug) The related account will be banned follow the regulation. That is what GM reply my email today.
  DD01232023-07-24 08:02:58

why so serious XD
again deleted my comments

you get mad ? pinko will quit guild @@?

s8n mad will quit guild, pinko will quit guild too ???
victoria kick out guild? you no fa S8N, you unstun mk make s8n mad, kick kick kick kick kick s8n mad quit guild and kick ppl
and bannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
easy come easy go wkwkkwkwkwkwk
cm guild kick out no fa, kick guild, quit guild, join guild then quit again
  Lochness2023-07-24 08:28:52
MK so mad now. No KR join war. Poor music. Now only can kill guard and all KR phil rider. ha ha ha
  letfar2023-07-25 20:37:17
  rudddd2023-07-27 17:12:56
No bug item or any bug fuser also get ban. Can u explain this to everyone who get ban without any reason?
  Miguel20172023-08-04 05:27:01
Are you really surprise about their actions as Game Masters?
GM started this behaviour when the bug fuser made stall in PV after Announced it on the officia/ Discord.
GM deliberately banned innocent players from buying from bug fuser stall (though some players knew the obvious they still bought it).
The Truth was spread through the Social platforms aswell website about the ROW bug fuser Crisis.
In order to isolate their Wrongdoing as GM's they started to close Discord and facebook.
If it was not enough they unable players for creating new posts and on top of that, whatever they dont like on their website forum they will just delete.
Incompetent Game Master that could not fix 1 issue but created billions in trying so.
Good Luck, and im bot even gonna talk about spending money but spend your time wisely in Private Servers, you are better of with them, trust me.
  KimJongUNGM2023-08-04 19:32:56
If I don’t like your post it will be deleted