2023-07-18 01:43:47   PinkoCM

Today after main statue war.. S8N id has been ban. And the reason is (no reason). Is this how MK need win? Is this how MK need win over KR? S8N is a legit player who have been paid to ROW management all his game play time. GM can see proof from how much he have spent. 

not only s8n get band 





>>>  KeiKiLLuY-OvO-y before 2~3 weeks also band 

As long my guild member id ban or block.. all KR from CM guild will not join in any war.

  ashley2023-07-18 01:46:28
to all KR/MK:

take a long rest till gm release, or u can enjoy SW/Spam without 30 KR players
  CynduCyndu2023-07-18 01:53:04
GM banned all BIG donators, bye server.
  Bjornnss2023-07-18 02:05:06
buy bug item, it has to be banned anyway GOOD !
  babisucker2023-07-18 02:09:27
bug items. buy game gold from pinoy malay famers. no pay.
  Ruddddd2023-07-18 02:11:04
This is what we get from spend 40-50k on ROW management. A good betray.

U should talk with proof.
  Lochness2023-07-18 02:12:49
What will MK do now when there no KR in war anymore?? No more pots to buy from GM. And no one will spent anymore on Item mall. Will he survive from this??
  destiny312023-07-18 02:18:18
Please explain this pinko , Igo Haze Ambulance Grentea and more good pro clerics have 25k hp arround or some more and defance good mk can kill not easy but can , But.. S8N over 35khp with 2 time more high defance from other clerics and more heal than them.. HOW ITS POSSIBLE??? EXPLAIN THIS THEN We know he Glory Warrior old times even get banned dirty pass... waiting your answer Pinko..?????
  destiny312023-07-18 02:19:32
Like immortal cleric lol 40k hp with pot and without pot def 3k arround but can heal 1.5 1.6 over 13k-14k-15k LOL .. u cant explain this

  destiny312023-07-18 02:20:41
40k hp and 3k def unpot only can 156con or 204con cleric then cant heal 13-14k-15k 1.6 1.5 max will heal when max con cleric 10k or 9k near
  destiny312023-07-18 02:21:55
  rudddd2023-07-18 02:30:38
I am S8N. My armour is 32 ways with def 608 ungem + evasion200+ HPR 340. with hp 3.8k ruby gem. With min wis and some con and 171 int for 3-0 grease. 28k hp with no pots. 37k hp with pots.
And we all can make this same item without using any bug fusers. So why never ask MK side where they have much better item than this from some koreans item. But im wondering why all stats has 00 zero behind. Isnt that clearly is edited set??
  rudddd2023-07-18 02:35:02
If this is the way MK needed to win war with KR.. So long there are a boycott from every CM or KR along with this.. We will see No KR in main war anymore. And how fews will join other war? Will this server keep alive by ban all legit players??

Lets hope Uncle Music will come here and answer about this.
  Bjornnss2023-07-18 02:38:13
s8n he was banned because he was wrong
u think all krs end play u get ban?
  raihaanun212023-07-18 02:45:37
i believe KR will tgt end play as this GM and Music here!!!! XD
  rudddd2023-07-18 02:46:26
I dont buy any gold from any kr or mk. I dont buy fusers from any mk or kr shop in PV. All i make from Item mall source.
Is this the way how MK need balance the war by ban all strong players?
We will see how MK go for war when theres no KR anymore in Statue War.
  destiny312023-07-18 02:53:19
340 hp REC? that mean arround 256 or 512 fuser @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
  destiny312023-07-18 02:53:41
our items max 250 arround lol
  destiny312023-07-18 02:54:32
there got 3 more kr guild in SW who are u ????? talking about all kr ..
  rudddd2023-07-18 03:02:09
Its 240+. U go see in discord group i post.
  rudddd2023-07-18 03:02:45
Forgot to mention from shield too.
  destiny312023-07-18 03:03:27
then ok
  rudddd2023-07-18 03:06:33
Im talking about.. still thinking for spent on this game? Ban even when u a clean player? and 100% support them by buying from item mall. And this what they pay us back as their loyal customer?? Ban because having good item? just for make the balance for both races??
Next could be u. So stop pay. U wont get any good for become a loyal customer instead they ban u. :p
  Bjornnss2023-07-18 03:32:48
S8n server no need bad players
buy bug fuser = just Ban
  raihaanun212023-07-18 04:01:45
i am kei....i never buy bug fuser....my all fuser is come form my friend felix and Music friend's(i no want told who is Music friend's in here)......but same time Music friends have been report to GM have bug fuser selling in PV~~~why GM only know ban player no repair Bug?? i need to told u GM only my war have fusers ... cle pri and enc all no buy any fuser and set..And i want to ask GM!!!! !!!why GM ur friend's Music(INCA) no need make items but can suddently(1week time only) have full set 3k hp con items and new top 2H sword(INCA)??? Are u playing us (all ROW players)??? GM plz told me !!!! why? why? Why? help ur friends make bug items??? GM can relpy all player??? Music is ur daddy?? or Music is ur MaMe?? Oh don't tell me Music is ur lover!!!Music can u told me??? how can do this... as i never see buy any fuser and make items in game....why?? why?? how can do this??? i know is u see i follow friends go back CM guild so u told GM ban my cle and pri and enc!!! don't tell me not u !!!!as only u can pm and order GM to check and ban players!!! if sever die as u!!!
  asddd1112023-07-18 04:28:33
that Music friends is the one who reported bug seller existed to gm.

after they leave guild and play MK without informed, ID ban in few days

i don't know who will be the next, but if he in your guild now, u better careful, i don't know music in guild tat time maybe u don't know too, so our situation probably would be yours. He personally told me he is gm's friend several years ago, real friend know each others in real life
  rudddd2023-07-18 04:53:21
In my case.. i dont buy any fusers from anyone. I dont buy any gold from any sellers. All spent from Item Mall. Any excuse here?? Or music just dont need strong team with strong player fight with him in the main war? While they all are making edit set with 00 stats behind.
Is this what he call balanced the war? by ban all strong players??
Who will u fight in war if every KR make a boycot for this unjustice violation??
  rudddd2023-07-18 07:55:36
Use your real name Rage..and stop hiding and stop act nerds. We all know u here. :p
  cccddd2023-07-18 12:29:13
every side with rage= lose
  FairPlay2023-07-18 13:23:36
I also 1 of the victim of account banned. Due to having trade record with bug user. (Gold bug or fuser bug) The related account will be banned follow the regulation. That is what GM reply my email today.
  AMOK12342023-07-18 15:35:17
If there's no violation, don't worry and wait. What are you worried about????
I like servers and KR that get cleaner XD
  cccddd2023-07-18 16:00:50
u still playing not because u clean, that is because u aren't strong enough

not worthy to ban low items
  gmscammerGey2023-07-18 19:37:56
Open your eyes to this fucking shitty Server. A lot of innocent people banned due Korean jealous reports.. I know that KEI it’s one of the few ones who did not bought bug item/gold/fusers. Trust me, I know..
  Kizkiz2023-07-19 11:52:38
Bye Bye bug players
buy bug item, bug fuser =ban
It's justice
No need proof to bug players
  ashley2023-07-19 12:39:55

enjoy your spamming
  Kizkiz2023-07-19 14:21:43

Thank you ~ boycott forever please
UN take all fame and be a winner without loser CM
  mdfkmuzic2023-07-19 20:40:17
The one who stay with your mom is not your real dad . I'm
the real one my boy . don't ask your mom she will never admit
.and no need proof .you just need to believe what I say my boy
  mcbeee2023-07-19 21:19:50
Wow, real daddy come out.
  rudddd2023-07-19 22:45:23
To whome is concern..Mr M

I dont hope to get back my id. But we both know why u ban my id. It is a personal attack on me and all CM members. U cannot say im using bug item or buy gold.. or just any violant i make. Because i am a legit player. So the only way for u to win war is to ban me. TQ

How feel winning now? Is this the way winning u needed? Ban me because u cannot win war with all CM members? Because u keep losing to unpopular guild lead by a girl?? and u cannot accept this lose? Is this the balance u needed when every main war only 20/20?? It is better u ban every outside ip and only make only korean ip can play.

Is this level your dignity is? Yes u win now because u have the powers to make any decision inlcuding ban me.
I dare u to disban me and fight again in war. Proof to everyone here that u are not scared of losing. Not ban me because of losing the war. Everyone see how u being kick in the war. Proof to them u are not a coward. Proof to yourself u have bigballs.
Not just ban because u cannot win.

I wondering. are u a boy or a girl? Ban when cannot win.
  Rico293949672023-07-20 09:29:50

ya, loser have their unique asshole's way to talk
  Kizkiz2023-07-20 15:33:19
Loser guild always bark and blame GM,MK,other KR guild
Please Aim Mr M only ty
  rudddd2023-07-20 22:42:11

I leave guild or stay or whatever it is not ur job .. and we are talking about ban for what and from who .. it is not why i leave guild ! And nobody here noob as u hide behind this name .. show ur name here if u really a man.
  wkwkwkwk2023-07-21 10:23:42
  Rico293949672023-07-22 18:23:06
@ wkwkwkwk

Did you ask your mother to bring you to check your fucking brain ? you noob fucking loser !!!!
  DD01232023-07-24 00:16:35

why so serious XD
again deleted my comments

you get mad ? will you quit guild too @@?

s8n nobody fa will quit guild, pinko will quit guild too ???
easy come easy go wkwkkwkwkwkwk
CM guild kick out no fa, kick guild, quit guild, join guild then quit again
  rudddd2023-07-24 02:34:27
Because u so noise bark like a dog here. Its never about FA.
  Rico293949672023-07-26 11:24:39
Korean dog, Korean dog, Korean dog dog dog !!!

  Rico293949672023-07-26 11:25:43





This 4 guy are having the best coordination ever tat mk scared for ... that's why they are bannd
  pelatih2023-07-26 20:08:23
MK not afraid of this 4 even all KR BUG user need be ban to balance ,,next time be honest to GM ...
hey AQUA don't bark many
  Miguel20172023-08-04 05:27:17
Are you really surprise about their actions as Game Masters?
GM started this behaviour when the bug fuser made stall in PV after Announced it on the officia/ Discord.
GM deliberately banned innocent players from buying from bug fuser stall (though some players knew the obvious they still bought it).
The Truth was spread through the Social platforms aswell website about the ROW bug fuser Crisis.
In order to isolate their Wrongdoing as GM's they started to close Discord and facebook.
If it was not enough they unable players for creating new posts and on top of that, whatever they dont like on their website forum they will just delete.
Incompetent Game Master that could not fix 1 issue but created billions in trying so.
Good Luck, and im bot even gonna talk about spending money but spend your time wisely in Private Servers, you are better of with them, trust me.
  Rico293949672023-08-04 14:12:54
you mother are such a dog bitch. You ass licker MUSIC, INCA
  KimJongUNGM2023-08-04 19:33:41
Only Korean player can keep their edited sera. They payed me a lot of USD. This is my server my rules