GM Banned My all ID....i can told u sever will die
 2023-07-18 01:43:36   raihaanun21
idk GM what happen,,, so fun....I always change point every month....BUT GM only want ban Kr strong players and no relpy us....

My 5ID got banned,,,,, my freinds and me will quit...GM only know Ban KR....i never buy Bug set !!! only make items and change point and but another player full set and ID....GM is so crazy and sick....

  raihaanun212023-07-18 01:45:11
I am kei,,,, my all id (green pui twentyfive Kawaei Kei)... Can quit at now ~~ty GM
  Anderson3332023-07-18 01:48:22
Lets demand refund from Paypal , dog gm hopeless !!!!
  asddd1112023-07-18 05:00:10
let paypal ban gm account, they deserve it
  mkcrybaby2023-07-18 06:27:53
Can see from here gm is on mk side, let's quit kei even I already sold my set
  Bjornnss2023-07-18 10:37:26
use itens bug = ban 👍
  FairPlay2023-07-18 13:23:57
I also 1 of the victim of account banned. Due to having trade record with bug user. (Gold bug or fuser bug) The related account will be banned follow the regulation. That is what GM reply my email today.
  Kizkiz2023-07-19 11:54:40
Bye Bye no need bug player
we don't care about how much you spent money
  raihaanun212023-07-20 09:25:13
I don't care money..if care money...i never buy 5-6set items to play.
.money is easy to find with me....if another sever i don't care keep spent money...i only like play with my i make many sets..let us tgt enjoy game...but this sever GM keep making sever die...who care players? GM making all old players quit...that row will GM crazy
  mcbeee2023-07-21 19:00:02
Kizkiz 2023-07-19 11:54:40
Bye Bye no need bug player
we don't care about how much you spent money

Even GM not given any proof/evidence, you said bug bug bug.....Are you GM??
We?? Who you represent to??
You don't care?? Who you??
We (Top-up player) don't care whether you care or not, you just nobody~~~~
  ashley2023-07-21 22:02:17
let these every day say bug ban ban player go top-up

we don't top up anymore, we don't want top-up and receive a ban

if gm happy with 0 income, they are welcome too

gm even close the new post button, prevent people to discuss this, they are dictator
  Lochness2023-08-01 00:20:05
- the truth is.. they sell edit set. after so many truth revealed.. they ban other strong kr and mk set without any reason and claim they are using bug item. but they release this korean edit set buyers.

- the truth is.. they are cleaning up their own shitty. but accuse players.

- the truth is.. how many gold or money u spent for evo attack? and they just nerfed it like that.. just for make 1 rune or life off to be godlike with GM edit set.

- the truth is.. this bug item yellers.. they never topup any point instead they only farm and selling gold. wkwkwkwkw

- the truth is.. go see inside war.. only 10-or below 20 people active war. but status is 20+ or 30kr. but only 10-15 is out from the maingate.
  Miguel20172023-08-04 05:27:27
Are you really surprise about their actions as Game Masters?
GM started this behaviour when the bug fuser made stall in PV after Announced it on the officia/ Discord.
GM deliberately banned innocent players from buying from bug fuser stall (though some players knew the obvious they still bought it).
The Truth was spread through the Social platforms aswell website about the ROW bug fuser Crisis.
In order to isolate their Wrongdoing as GM's they started to close Discord and facebook.
If it was not enough they unable players for creating new posts and on top of that, whatever they dont like on their website forum they will just delete.
Incompetent Game Master that could not fix 1 issue but created billions in trying so.
Good Luck, and im bot even gonna talk about spending money but spend your time wisely in Private Servers, you are better of with them, trust me.
  KimJongUNGM2023-08-04 19:35:00
My server my dictatorship