why ban me gm ?
 2023-07-14 17:13:26   babisucker

GM, why ban me ? I never use bug item like 072  lingQ ENMA. How come ban me just because I  bought little amount of game gold like 2b 3b only?  So, how about S8N & Harry Pottor always bought bug game gold from those malaysia farmer, why they no ban ?

  FairPlay2023-07-14 18:35:02
cheer, me also same case like u. They wont be banned due to there are korean player and they are big donator to GM.(Cash to GM)
  Lochness2023-07-14 23:15:17
Buy gold is forbiden. Unless u sponsor alot to GM..maybe GM will close his eyes. Please provide any proof to before make any accusation.
  JungPark2023-07-15 09:04:49
And not mention any MK names?? Another rumors in the making?? cheap MK. Go spent more and make better set. I mean spent alotttttttttt.
  LegendK2023-07-15 12:01:17
why dont u guys learn from mistakes, just buy gold from GM. That's the other way round to support the game.
  storybook2023-07-15 13:11:15
Bingo ~ LegendK

Finally there's some one speak out the point
  blissdrink2023-07-15 17:31:19
buy gold from gm and never reply our email? FUCK YOUR MOTHER
  LegendK2023-07-15 18:38:13
why would they have to reply to every messages ? do u think they are ur mom ? dont u know the use of topup feature ? but u did know the payment to those farmers ? huh huh ? contradictary statement like this only makes umongo LLAStp
  GmscammerXXX2023-07-15 21:49:05
Ya sure buy gold from that stupid mrs Paek, he already sold his butthole to Korean players for USD, or you think WoodKim(Harry Potter), 072, 09 keep playing because they are innocent? These players were the biggest buyers from bugged item from all server, together withVK GabrieD, ambition, And few others.
  CynduCyndu2023-07-18 01:54:55
wow lingQ bug fuser hahhaha thxxx bro i‘m so flattered 😎 it means i‘m a very pro player like i‘m using bug fusers 😂🤣 check my history top up points pls… maybe can buy your car 🚗 💨
  CynduCyndu2023-07-18 01:54:56
wow lingQ bug fuser hahhaha thxxx bro i‘m so flattered 😎 it means i‘m a very pro player like i‘m using bug fusers 😂🤣 check my history top up points pls… maybe can buy your car 🚗 💨
  ddddddddd2023-07-18 05:10:55

the one who bought entire items from gm ban now , gm slapping your face
  piggy332023-07-18 12:24:19
Quit fro. this stupod game
  FairPlay2023-07-18 13:24:16
I also 1 of the victim of account banned. Due to having trade record with bug user. (Gold bug or fuser bug) The related account will be banned follow the regulation. That is what GM reply my email today.
  Kizkiz2023-07-19 11:57:56
Buying gold is forbidden too
GM warning to all already
Bye bug player no need you in row
  Miguel20172023-08-04 05:27:45
Are you really surprise about their actions as Game Masters?
GM started this behaviour when the bug fuser made stall in PV after Announced it on the officia/ Discord.
GM deliberately banned innocent players from buying from bug fuser stall (though some players knew the obvious they still bought it).
The Truth was spread through the Social platforms aswell website about the ROW bug fuser Crisis.
In order to isolate their Wrongdoing as GM's they started to close Discord and facebook.
If it was not enough they unable players for creating new posts and on top of that, whatever they dont like on their website forum they will just delete.
Incompetent Game Master that could not fix 1 issue but created billions in trying so.
Good Luck, and im bot even gonna talk about spending money but spend your time wisely in Private Servers, you are better of with them, trust me.
  Lochness2023-08-06 22:26:41
U pay too much on paypal and spent too much on item mall. GM only need farmers who sell gold in this server. GM is a kind hearted person who only let free player to keep stay and play war. Stronger player and big spender can say byebye.