2023-07-12 02:18:14   ddddddddd
anyone come to welcome Music back play?
  Lochness2023-07-12 07:09:32
No hes not.
  mdfkmuzic2023-07-12 12:08:00
No .not .never .no need king of jealous in ROW
  mono322023-07-12 14:28:30
There's always have some people missing Music, can't understand why he is so important to these guys. No matter he is in the game or quited. He really got that power make you to chatter about him all these years? Is he really that cute? His charm makes you always miss him? Or maybe he made you so suffer, so sympathize with your unforgettable affection for him.
  fckernoob2023-07-12 15:34:18
welcome back music <333
  fckernoob2023-07-12 15:35:27
and who are u mdfkmuszic?
  mdfkmuzic2023-07-12 18:37:26
You are incompetent to know who I'm.555555
Go back to lick his ball .later you may get some drink from him.
Nothing here for you .now you want to who I'm then by 1 ???
Opps!!!!! You don't even show who your too 5555
  muliplegey2023-07-12 18:51:03
if music comes back mk welcome <3 mk need you >.<
if music comes back kr rubbish
  Lochness2023-07-12 19:46:20
As long there is a so called Maven in MK.. nothing will change.
  Lochness2023-07-12 21:09:36
With music there.. it will just become more worst.
  JungPark2023-07-13 20:09:32
Music is like a plague. Everywhere he goes.. or whoever near him.. is just somebody who unneeded in any other team. Mk or KR.. no one needs him. They are just exile person or exile team. Not welcome here.
  mono322023-07-15 13:21:01


Sorry, don't know why I get smile when read your comment. Can feel about your suffer, let go and you will be set free.
  healgoseon2023-07-15 18:04:15
he cant join this server anymore
Only play when supported by a rich guys
  healgoseon2023-07-15 18:05:50
who want support him? agoon ,poseidon , os, jolly?
i tot, they no more trust him
  piggy332023-07-18 12:25:56
  AMOK12342023-07-18 15:43:50
welcome back music in ROW
  healgoseon2023-07-18 21:26:06
fun fact : this post writer 'ddddddd' is Music

he always advertise himself :S
  Rico293949672023-07-19 12:00:53
Go fuck your own mother , you dog ass fucker music
  cccddd2023-07-20 16:41:59

actually they still share id with music, help music hide in new name and let music use their acc. music never leave this game, he change char every season.
  Rico293949672023-08-03 14:06:42
Fuck your mother dog MUSIC, you whole fucking family die !!!!