Update News_January, 15th, 2021
 2021-01-15 16:40:01   [GM]Matte

[Game Update]

- Decreased defense slightly of CAERNAVON's (Map4) boss Ghost, Flame Familiar, Ashen Wing, Fire Wing.

- Increased medal from the Low Statue War

- Max level 93

- Guild War every Sat/ Sun 20:00 to 20:30 PM GMT+8

- The entry-level for the High War has been changed to be available from level 81.

[January Event]

-Users can get a Gold Ticket that increases 50% of Exp and drop rate (one day) with a low chance.

-Heart Bear, New year Event will continue and added New S Weapon for Akkan Comb, Akkan Ofc, and Human blade with a low chance. 

** Location of Heart Bear has changed, you can find Heart bear near the gate of Pirate Village.

(Need 100 Fehu, Don't forget other users can also pick up treasure package!)

- The Christmas Event has ended, and all monsters will drop the bronze key again. 

- Users can purchase 6 types of New S Weapon through Item mall.

- Medal Event has ended.

- Erased Socket puncher from the medal store.

-1m gold box will temporally stopped. 

- Web draw has opened. It is possible to obtain Trained Black Tiger, Tamed Angry Iguanadon, Rage Ostopterix, Dorable Ostopterix, and Normal Gem through Web draw.

- Increased drop rate slightly of Evo lvl1 accessories from the Item Machine in the Pirate Village. 

- Doubled drop rate of Fehu from all monsters 

- Fehu will drop from all purple Mineral (Must use Mining)

- Minerals of CAERNAVON (Map4) will drop Fehu 

- increased the success rate slightly of Refine than before

- Drop rate of metal and gems decreased in CAERNAVON (map 4) and KARTEHENA VICEROYALTY(map 5). 

- High Statue War Medal Event, users can obtain double the medal through High SW.

- Auto Level up temporarily from Pirate Village from level 40 to 79 with 86% of EXP.  *It may change due to the remaining EXP

- Increased +200% of B graded from all Blackmarket (4%). 

- Upgrade at Blacksmith (Refine Rate) +40% (Rise in the smelting success rate)

- Increased experience of Map 4 (CAERNAVON) to 3 times (*3)

- Through NPC [Pahroo] at Opeany and [Kurtis] at Aldia Harbor users can obtain S Armor Set with an Exchange Ticket. (S Armor Exchange ticket sold on Webpage Item Mall Supply Section)

- All users have a low chance to obtain fixed weapons and skill stones from the golden box at Pirate Village.

  (Added lucky chance +100 Ichman Costume with a low chance.)

- Weapon and gear can be obtained from the Pirate Village's Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Box

- Exp of Map3 (ALMIGHTY LAND) has increased by 900%

- Exp rate of Map 5 (KARTEHENA) has increased by 500%

- Number of monsters on Map 4 (CAERNAVON) has increased double.

- Increased gem drop rate through mining by 20%