Update News_January, 6th, 2020
 2020-01-06 08:58:39   [GM]Matte

[Game Update]

- Maximum Level 93

- Boss monsters will drop Unique Ring and Necklace on MAP 2, MAP 3, and MAP 5.

- Added new equipment for the users of Lv. 75 or above.

* (This is a great opportunity to purchase S grade armors at cheap prices(medals) from Emkel NPC in Dismal Harbor.)

- Changed minimum participate Lv to 40 for L war (temporarily provide fame)

- Taking Mid Tower in High Statue war provides 9 medals per minute. 

- Added Fixed stats Magic Staff/Scythe/Blade/Sword

 *You can obtain magic items by killing the most powerful boss on Map 1, 2. 

[January Event]

- Gem, Evo Ring (Magic, Att, Def), and Life Ofc./ Sorc costume can be obtained from the drawing on Web Item Mall  

*On Life Ofc. costume users can either random Magic power 0-100 or HP 500- 1000. 

*On Sorc costume users can obtain random Magic power 0- 100.

- Able to get 3 different A+ gear from the Santa at Pirate Village through the quest. 

- Firework is for sale at Pirate village Map 3 (ALMIGHTY LAND)

- Exp rate of Map 5 (KARTEHENA) has increased by 500%

- Exp rate of Map 4 (CAERNARVON) has decreased

- 30% of used points will add up to the character's medal points. 

**Purchased character must be online at the same time

**Returning medal points for used mall point do not apply for draw 

- Increased use level of Viceroy Protection to 90 

(Selling on Web mall)

- Increased level of monsters in Map 4 (CAERNAVON).  

*Gem drop is 500% (recommend 2-3 players to party)

- Gem drop rate of all monster in Map5 (KARTEHENA) has increased 300%

- Almighty Orb and Gold Ticket are tradeable now inside the game.

- Number of monsters on Map 4 (CAERNAVON) has increased double.

- Auto Level up available at Pirate Village from level 40 to 74.

- Price of Gem at Medal shop has decreased to 300 (was 500)

- Removed the Metals and Fehu from the Medal shop

- Exp of Map3 (ALMIGHTY LAND) has increased by 900%

- All drop rate of Fehu has increased by 200% for all monsters except Map5.

- 100M EXP Crystal ball and 3 kinds of Accessories are available in Medal shop(Map 1).

  (You will be able to level up only by Lv. 1 with the EXP CrystalBall.  Recommended for the character of Lv.60 or above)

- You will be able to get 4 types of Minerals from Map 5's Mysterious Black Market (Brown). (in low chance)

- You will be able to get 4 types of Minerals from every map. (in low chance)

  (Mystique stone, Inca Stone, Feature Stone, Nuc stone)

  ** A teleport scroll for East Centinel Island is available from the NPC in Map 1.

- Akkan and Human Map1-2 EXP +300% for New members

- Added A-Grade item as the reward on Lv.56 quest (Grak'auk)

- +200% Medals in H Statue War

- Refine Rate+30%(Rise in the smelting success rate)

- Increased gem drop rate through mining by 20%