Trust of Operation team and Transparent System
 2020-02-12 13:31:08   [GM]Matte

Trust of Operation team and Transparent on operating system


This is the MASTER who is in charge of the operation for past 3 years. Many things has happened since we opened server on Dec, 2016. 

I emphasized to the operation team for fair and transparent operation. Our goal is make effort to avoid misunderstanding of our users. 

It is hard to hide our frustration, when we hear many rumors created by people who don't trust our team. 

We try our best to make users satisfy, but it is hard to make everyone happy. 

People complaint for contents, and when we add contents other people complaint. 

Of course, We understand every perspective from the users.

However, what's important is that our goal of the game is not to make money or create a contents that will lose the fun of ROW.

Recently we have found the small bug with 100M Item Machine. This created some misunderstanding between user. 

Our system founded problem and while people suggested about the user, we fixed bug and any related account was banned. 

Some users user speed hack or minor bug to take advantage, but we fixed the bug and fix the problem. 

Result is those bug or hack does not harm server. The Damage is 0. 

Abusing due to these bug will not cause any problem to server since we fix and repairs immediately.

We do not announce everything immediately. Its because there is no real damage to the server and problems will be corrected anyway. 

This is what i think

The lack of trust to the operation team makes rumors grow bigger. 

We can leave the server and not add any contents, if that's what users want. 

To be honest, ROWPLAYON does not earn much to aim profits from the game. 

but for best 3 years we made revenue from other Software to make ROW better. 

ROW may be the old game, but as long as there are users love ROW we would love the offer service. 

​We do not have users like other populated game, so we are responding directly to users and our goal is 100% communication with users. We want to try and provide fun to users. 

We appreciated to users who participate on war, even when many people dissatisfy with balance. 

Thank you so much for leading new users. 

Not only me, but president of Youxiland also appreciated for these users, and want to provide better service to users. 

From now on don't misunderstand and prejudice, we will open ears to user and communicate with all.

Please note that we are always checking the Statue War to get the data from users. 

We will always d our best, There may be inconveniences but if users trust our team that it is best for the server, that will help us to create better server. 

Thank You

Best Regard/ ROW Team