Announcement about Event details
 2021-01-18 15:24:09   [GM]Matte

Announcement about Event details


Thank you for supporting ROW.

Currently, we are doing the compensation Gold Ticket Event. 

Many users have asked about the Event period. 

The Gold Ticket event will continue until 22nd Friday. 

After the Gold Ticket Event, we will come up with Compensation Event Part.2. 

Compensation Event Part. 2 will be related to Potion Event. 

Details about the Potion Event will be announced through the Website news. 

Jan, 18th,2021 Update details 

We have fixed some error in the game

- Fixed location error of Heart Bear Event
- Fixed display and text problem of S Weapon

Any details about the event or questions can be sent to GM Matt through Discord. 

We will try our best to create a fun and enjoyable game. 

Thank you 

Best Regard/ ROW Team