Chinese Happy New Year Notice
 2020-01-22 15:03:36   [GM]Matte

Chinese Happy New Year Notice


ROW celebrates its 3rd Chinese New Year. 

Thank you all for visiting and participating in the game. 

We appreciate many suggestions and comments about the operating. We try to communicate with users, and took the advice and applied to the game.

Not like a lake, and the operation team is trying to adapt to changes like a flowing river.  

For the new year, we will guide you through some of the changes and events. 

Check out the UPDATE NEWS for more detailed information. 

[Skill Balance]

1. We have increased damage of Shockwave slightly for the Akkan’s Attacker. 

2. We have reduced Cleric’s stun range by 1M. 

3. Akkan’s dispel has never been changed from the past. Do not trust rumors. We always inform through announcements before we make any change. Once again, there will not be an unnoticed patch.  

[Chinese Happy New Year Event]

1. All the monsters will drop Silver Keys and Unknown Letters. 

2. All users have a low chance to obtain fixed weapons and function stones from the golden box at Pirate Village. 

3. A holiday daily quest provides good items. 

4. Users can summon the boss with Silver Key at Statue War. 

5. We have increased the rate of the draw for Evo Accessories (2x higher than previous), and function stones and normal gems are available from the web draw. 

Thank you for supporting ROW. 

Best Regard/ ROW Team