Survey about the Antidote
 2021-01-22 11:24:15   [GM]Matte

Survey about the Antidote


Thank you for supporting ROW.

We would like to use some items used in the quest inside the game. 

We would like to hear about user's opinions about the changes that we want to make. 

1.  Antidote item that can cure the poison effect of the skill of Rune Officator 

2. Iceproof Pill that can cure the ice effect of skill Ice of Mage

We are planning to release those two items on the website item mall.

Therefore, we would like to open Sorc Ice skill 4-0 to breaker the Flexibility.

We want to hear the user's opinion about the case above. 

Please comment on the following link ( Same post on General discussion) 

 or send a personal message to GM MATT through discord.

Thank you 

Best Regard/ ROW Team